SIM card

Triple SIM (Standard, Micro and Nano Combined)

Unlimited Data
Unlimited Minutes
Unlimited texts
£27.00 per month
24 month contract
SIM card

Triple SIM (Standard, Micro and Nano Combined)

Unlimited Data
Unlimited Minutes
Unlimited texts
£30.00 per month
12 month contract

How does Virgin Mobile SIM Only stand out?

Virgin Mobile stands out through offering a range of extras that you don’t get on most other networks, such as data rollover.

The network also offers plans with 5G, plus there are unlimited data plans and spending caps.

Virgin Mobile also has 99% population coverage with 4G, thanks to its use of Vodafone’s infrastructure. It also has 5G in all the same places as Vodafone, and its coverage there is increasing rapidly.

Virgin Mobile SIM Only plans

Virgin Mobile offers SIM Only plans with between 1GB and unlimited monthly data, so there are lots of options. All plans also include unlimited minutes and texts, and you can choose between a 12-month and a 24-month plan.

What else do you get with Virgin Mobile SIM Only?

Virgin Mobile SIM Only plans all come with data rollover, meaning any unused data is available for a second month, giving you a second chance to use it.

Virgin Mobile SIM Only plans also let you message on WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook without it coming out of your data allowance.

Customers also get free access to the company’s millions of Wi-Fi hotspots.

Can you roam abroad?

Yes, on Virgin Mobile you can roam for free across the EU – even now the UK is no longer a member.

Can you tether?

Yes, Virgin Mobile allows you to tether, so you can share your device’s data allowance and internet connection with other gadgets.

How do I keep my number?

Simply sign up for a new Virgin Mobile SIM Only contract and then text 'PAC' (from your old number) to 65075, or if you’d prefer you can call up your old network and ask for you PAC code. You can also request your PAC code before signing up for a new plan.

Then, either during the checkout process for ordering your new SIM, or from the ‘Use Pac’ option in your Virgin Mobile account once it’s arrived, you can submit a request to keep your old number.

If this request is received before 6pm on a working day, then your number will usually be ported the following working day. If not then it can take two working days.

Note that if you supply your PAC code during checkout, the number transfer won’t begin being processed until you’ve received your new SIM and put it in your phone.

What SIM card size do I need?

You don’t need to know which SIM card size you need in advance, as Virgin Mobile will send you all three possible sizes in one pack – these cover nano, micro and standard SIM sizes.

When this pack arrives you can just compare the sizes to your old SIM card to see which you need, but in the vast majority of cases it will be the smallest one (the nano SIM) that fits your phone. If in doubt though you can always Google the make and model of your phone to find the SIM card size.

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